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Robert E. Howard - Gardens of Fear, e-kirja

Gardens of Fear

Robert E. Howard


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Kategoriat: Books in English / Fantasy, Books in English / Fiction ja Books in English / Short Stories
Kirjailija: Robert E. Howard
Kustantaja: Wildside Press
ISBN: 9781479406593

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  • The definitive 10-volume set of Robert E. Howard’s weird fiction and poetry (with all texts meticulously restored to the original versions as published in Weird Tales and other magazines) continues with volume 6, Gardens of Fear! This collection of classic Howard begins with the Conan story Queen of the Black Coast, and also includes The Haunter of the Ring, The Garden of Fear, The Devil in Iron, The Voices Waken Memory, The People of the Black Circle, and A Witch Shall Be Born.

    Edited by REH-scholar Paul Herman. Introduction by Benjamin Szumskyj. Cover by Stephen Fabian.

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