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Sid Watkins - Beyond the Limit, e-kirja

Beyond the Limit

Sid Watkins


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Kirjailija: Sid Watkins
Kustantaja: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781447238676

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  • In the years since Sid Watkins’ first bestselling book of Formula One memoirs, Life at the Limit, was published the sport has seen enormous changes. The FIA’s President, Max Mosley, has launched a zero option policy with the goal of zero mortality and much research and development has gone into technical changes to the cars, circuit design, safety barrier development and personal protection in the cockpit. The Prof has been intimately involved with this work, and discusses it in detail here, but as he knows only too well, uncertainty and unpredictability provide the thrills both the fans and the drivers crave. In Beyond the Limit, Watkins also looks at some of the extraordinary Grands Prix the sport has seen in the last four years, including Schumacher’s epic crash at Silverstone in 1999. He also looks back over his twenty or more years in the sport and discusses some of the great drivers he has known. Here, too, is a race-by-race account of the Millenium season offering a completely up-to-date picture of Formula One at the beginning of the 21st century.

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