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Jennifer Lauck - Blackbird, e-kirja


Jennifer Lauck


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Kategoriat: Books in English / Biography & Autobiography ja Books in English / Nonfiction
Kirjailija: Jennifer Lauck
Kustantaja: Atria Books
ISBN: 9781451644302

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  • With the startling emotional immediacy of a fractured family photo album, Jennifer Lauck’s incandescent memoir is the story of an ordinary girl growing up at the turn of the 1970s and the truly extraordinary circumstances of a childhood lost. Wrenching and unforgettable, Blackbird will carry your heart away.

    The house on Mary Street was home to Jennifer; her older brother B.J.; their hardworking father, who smelled like aftershave and read her Snow White; and their mother, who called her little daughter Sunshine and embraced Jackie Kennedy’s sense of style. Through a child’s eyes, the skies of Carson City were forever blue, and life was perfect — a world of Barbies, Bewitched, and the Beatles. Even her mother’s pain from her mysterious illness could be patted away with hairspray, powder, and a kiss on the cheek….But soon, everything Jennifer has come to love and rely on begins to crumble, sending her on a roller coaster of loss and loneliness. In a world unhinged by tragedy, where beautiful mothers die and families are warped by more than they can bear, a young girl must transcend a landscape of pain and mistreatment to discover her richest resource: her own unshakable will to survive.

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