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Stephanie Bond - Two Sexy!, e-kirja

Two Sexy!

Stephanie Bond


Tiedostomuoto: E-kirja (EPUB, Adobe DRM suojattu)
Kategoriat: Books in English / Fiction ja Books in English / Romance
Kirjailija: Stephanie Bond
Kustantaja: Mills & Boon
ISBN: 9781408949368

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  • Schoolteacher Meg Valentine has been dying to put some adventure, some excitement—some sexual stimulation—into her life! So when gorgeous bodyguard Jarett Miller asks her to stand in as a body double for his famous client, sexy beach babe Taylor Gee, how can she refuse? Although Meg’s not exactly the sex goddess type, under Jarett’s skillful tutelage—and his even more skillful hands—she becomes increasingly aware of her own sensuality. Sensuality she’s definitely having fun exploring with the hunky bodyguard. But is Jarett in love with the real Meg…or in lust with the sexpot he’s created?

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