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Hartley Howard - The Bowman Touch, e-kirja

The Bowman Touch

Hartley Howard


Tiedostomuoto: E-kirja (EPUB, Adobe DRM suojattu)
Kategoriat: Books in English / Fiction ja Books in English / Historical Fiction
Kirjailija: Hartley Howard
Kustantaja: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781448204908

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  • The girl in the black velvet gown looked to be very drunk – she also looked to be in plenty of trouble… Bowman liked neither her type of escort not the way she was being manhandled into the sedan parked outside Morry’s Bar. He like even less the smack on the jaw he got when he intervened. This is the start of a new, high-pressure adventure with a tremendous climax. The Bowman Touch has all the streamlined pace and suspense to be expected from that master of the modern thriller – Hartley Howard.

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