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Javier Cercas - The Speed of Light, e-kirja

The Speed of Light

Javier Cercas


Tiedostomuoto: E-kirja (EPUB, Adobe DRM suojattu)
Kategoriat: Books in English / Fiction ja Books in English / Literature
Kirjailija: Javier Cercas
Kustantaja: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781408807187

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  • An aspiring young writer from Spain begins work as a teaching assistant on a Midwestern campus and finds himself sharing an office with Rodney Falk, a taciturn Vietnam veteran of strange ways and few friends. But when Rodney suddenly disappears the narrator becomes obsessed with discovering the secrets of his past. Why do people fear Rodney? What traumatic event happened at My Khe during the war? And, when the narrator’s life takes a terrible twist, is Rodney the only person in the world who can save him?

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