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James Lee Burke - Swan Peak, e-kirja

Swan Peak

James Lee Burke


Tiedostomuoto: E-kirja (EPUB, Adobe DRM suojattu)
Kategoriat: Books in English / Fiction, Books in English / Literature, Books in English / Mystery ja Books in English / Suspense
Kirjailija: James Lee Burke
Kustantaja: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781416579212

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  • Trouble follows Dave Robicheaux.

    James Lee Burke’s new novel, Swan Peak, finds Detective Robicheaux far from his New Iberia roots, attempting to relax in the untouched wilderness of rural Montana. He, his wife, and his buddy Clete Purcell have retreated to stay at an old friend’s ranch, hoping to spend their days fishing and enjoying their distance from the harsh, gritty landscape of Louisiana post-Katrina.

    But the serenity is soon shattered when two college students are found brutally murdered in the hills behind where the Robicheauxs and Purcell are staying. They quickly find themselves involved in a twisted and dangerous mystery involving a wealthy, vicious oil tycoon, his deformed brother and beautiful wife, a sexually deviant minister, an escaped con and former country music star, and a vigilante Texas gunbull out for blood. At the center of the storm is Clete, who cannot shake the feeling that he is being haunted by the ghosts from his past — namely Sally Dio, the mob boss he’d sabotaged and killed years before.

    In this expertly drawn, gripping story, Burke deftly weaves intricate, engaging plotlines and original, compelling characters with his uniquely graceful prose. He transcends genre yet again in the latest thrilling addition to his New York Times bestselling series.

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