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The Red Branch Tales

Randy Lee Eickhoff


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Kategoriat: Books in English / Mythology, Books in English / Fiction ja Books in English / Literature
Kirjailija: Randy Lee Eickhoff
Kustantaja: Tom Doherty Associates
ISBN: 9781429973434

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  • Randy Lee Eickhoff continues his translation of the Ulster Cycle, often referred to as the Red Branch Cycle, the large corpus of work that is primarily responsible for establishing the cultural identity of today’s Ireland.

    In this collection of Ireland’s famous myths, Eickhoff once again proves his mastery of translation and his ability to give these classic tales new life. Here he presents more than twenty stories that reveal ancient Irish culture as it’s seldom been seen before.
    All of the characters of Irish myth receive new life and are presented in vibrant and unique ways. In addition, by providing introductions to the tales, Eickhoff gives insight into the legends that formed the identity of a people.

    In the pre-Christian era, when warriors fought from chariots, Druids provided the mystical answers to the universe, and men and women believed strongly in magic, these stories begin. Prepare to enter Randy Lee Eickhoff’s Ireland.

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